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Aircall + AWS

All you need to know about Aircall’s technological partnership with AWS which offers global coverage, reliability & security to Aircall users

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Aircall Cloud Infrastructure

Built with AWS

Aircall deployed their application workloads across the globe thanks to AWS Cloud Infrastructure which provides users with the most secure, extensive, and reliable environment. This is possible by using the full range of over 200 fully featured AWS services available in data centers globally.

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Aircall uptime and reliability

Built with AWS

As of today, everything has to work all the time and everywhere in the world, AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure is designed to enable companies to build highly resilient workload architectures across multiple Availability Zones and AWS Regions. Aircall is embracing AWS best practices of software and infrastructure architecture in order to ensure services are always available for users expecting calls.

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Security, Privacy & Compliance

Built with AWS

By using AWS, the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today, Aircall helps companies to improve their ability to meet core security and compliance requirements, such as data locality, protection, and confidentiality.

Check AWS & Aircall security commitments:

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