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Get started

Follow these 6 steps to get your Aircall account set up.

lock 1. Login and navigate your Aircall dashboard ▶︎
assign 2. Invite users and organize your teams ▶︎
phone 3. Create or port your numbers ▶︎
settings 4. Perform a network check to ensure call quality ▶︎
team 5. Install integrations to connect your calls with your business tools ▶︎
paper 6. Set up call tags to start analyzing your data ▶︎

More resources to help you get ramped up

Attend live training sessions

We offer regular group training sessions for Admins using the dashboard and Users making calls on our app. Feel free to join!

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Download your custom dashboard setup

To help save you time setting up your dashboard, fill out this short survey to get a customized dashboard setup worksheet delivered to your inbox.

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Learn more on our Knowledge Base

Got an Aircall question? Search and explore hundreds of articles on how to use Aircall more effectively on our Knowledge Base. Enjoy!


Port numbers

Are you looking to use your existing numbers with Aircall? We’re here to guide you through the porting process. Create a login to our support portal to get started, then follow the instructions in this article. Please keep in mind:

  • Not all numbers are portable. Based on number type and other factors, our team will identify what's possible early on in the process.
  • It may take a few weeks or more. The process will take at least two weeks and is fully dependent on how quickly your current carrier responds to our porting request.
  • We need specific information from you and your provider. We’ll ask you for the most recent phone bill from your carrier and other important pieces of information. The more you give us, the quicker we can help you.

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To access the link above, you’ll need to first create a Jira account. Here’s how to do just that.

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Best practices

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Network check in the Aircall app

Since Aircall relies on healthy internet connections, it’s a good idea to have your users check their network within the Aircall app — so that you can help them troubleshoot their issues. Ask your users to follow the instructions listed in this article to leverage our in-app Network Diagnostics tool.

Network diagnostics explained →

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Recommend the ideal setup for your agents

If your users work from home or remotely, here are some simple tios to make sure thev experience the best call auality possible.

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Set your team up for success

Before your team starts to make calls, have them check out these helpful articles to ensure their call quality is the best it can be.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can my team and I access the Aircall dashboard and phone apps?

    To access the Aircall dashboard and phone apps, you must first be invited by an Aircall admin on your account. They will have to create a new user following these steps. If you need to use the Aircall dashboard, ask them to make you an Admin. If you only need access to our phone apps, they can make you a User, instead.

    Once you are invited to join Aircall, you will receive an invite via email to Accept. From here, you will be prompted to create a password for your Aircall account. You can then use this password to login to the Aircall dashboard (if you’re an Admin) or any of our other apps—which you can download here. Should you ever forget your password, simply click Forgot password on the login screen. Clicking this link will send you an email prompting you to choose a new password. Please check your Spam folder if you have any trouble finding an email from Aircall.

    To simplify logging in for your admins and users, Aircall also offers Google Sign-In as an option. If your company uses Google as its email provider, read through this article to learn how to activate and use Google Sign-In on your account.

  • What is the process to activate a number in Aircall?

    While it’s very easy to create a number from scratch in the Aircall dashboard, some numbers require additional steps to complete the process. Several countries restrict the use of local and toll-free numbers to individuals and businesses living in the geographical region of the number. When your number requires further verification, you will see a message show up in the Aircall dashboard, as shown here. This article will also walk you through the document submission process. You can find a list of the documents needed per country and number type, here.

    If you are porting a number from an existing provider, the first step is to create a ticket with our Porting team. Please be aware that our ticketing system is powered by Jira, so you will have to create a Jira account by following this process (your Jira credentials will not automatically be the same as your Aircall credentials). When submitting your ticket, be sure to provide as much documentation as possible to speed up the process.

  • Why are my Aircall users having call quality issues?

    There are several factors that can lead to call quality issues for users making calls over the internet. One of the first places to check is how your router is configured. Most routers allow for QoS (Quality of Service) configuration to prioritize voice traffic before other internet activities. Here’s our recommendations for how to configure QoS for several popular routers. We also highly recommend users to connect to the internet via an ethernet cable (Cat 5e or Cat 6) whenever possible.

    It’s a good idea to ask your users to check if the devices and headsets they’re using to make calls are in line with our recommendations for VoIP. You can find our recommendations in this article. If you’ve applied all our recommendations already and your users are still experiencing call quality issues, please reach out to our support team for additional help. We’re here for you!

  • Why are my calls and contacts not syncing to Aircall from my CRM or Helpdesk integration?

    For contact sync to work properly, you will need to activate your CRM or Helpdesk as an integration in the Aircall dashboard. Once you install the relevant integration, please follow the steps listed in this article to enable contact sync.

    Some common reasons why contact sync might not be working on your account are: a) your Aircall integration and contact sync settings are incorrect, b) your contact phone numbers are listed in the wrong field within your CRM or Helpdesk, or c) your phone numbers are saved in an incompatible format.

    If you cannot solve the problem using the tips from the article mentioned above, please reach out to our support team for additional help.

  • How do I set up custom business hours for my Aircall numbers and users?

    In Aircall, there are two hour management features you need to be aware of. The first feature, called Business hours, is how you can manage the hours your individual phone lines are open. Here is an article explaining how to make adjustments to Business hours for specific numbers in your Aircall dashboard. Updates to Business hours can be scheduled within a week in advance of holidays.

    The second feature, called Working hours, is how you can manage the hours your individual users are available to take calls. These settings can either be adjusted by specific users in the Aircall app (we recommend this approach) or adjusted by admins in the Aircall dashboard. Users can also make quick adjustments to their availability status within our phone apps, as explained here.

  • How can I access previous call recordings in the Aircall dashboard?

    Any Aircall admin can access up to 6 months of their team’s call recordings directly through the Stats - Overview section of the Aircall dashboard. Simply select your desired date range and click the Export selection button in the upper-right corner. A data export, including call recording links, will be emailed to you in just a few moments. Admins on our Professional plan can also export and view call recordings in real-time via our Analytics and Activity feed sections, respectively.

    For more information about managing call recordings, including accessing data beyond 6 months, please reference this helpful article on our Knowledge Base.


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