SnapCall integration

SnapCall enables online customers to call businesses directly from a website or mobile app. It takes just one click to start the call, and it’s completely free for your customers worldwide.

Add a contact button to your website or mobile app



Connect SnapCall with your Aircall account within minutes. Digital calls from your website or mobile app will ring on the Aircall number assigned to a specific team. You can create multiple buttons for different pages on your website or mobile app and assign them to different Aircall numbers.

Valuable user data

SnapCall provides your team with valuable user data, such as first and last name, location, URL of the page from which the customer is calling, email address, items in the shopping cart, and their price. Receiving this information before answering the call allows your team to save time on customer identification, anticipate customer’s issue, and provide an exceptional experience.

Enhanced customer support

Choose who and when gets to call you. SnapCall makes it possible to provide the call button only to specific customer segments (registered customers, VIP) and at specific points of the customer journey (based on visited pages or performed actions).

Smarter sales

Foresee which users are most likely to purchase and bring the most value to your business. With SnapCall, it’s easy to make the call button available only for those users that have demonstrated an intention to purchase, or their shopping cart value has reached your desired level.

Advanced statistics

The SnapCall dashboard provides valuable data on how your team utilizes our call solution (call duration, talking and waiting times, agent productivity). Use it for quality control and training new team members.