Intercom phone system integration

Integrate Aircall and Intercom to improve your agent efficiency and make your customers happier. Aircall will display all your phone calls directly in the right customer tickets and keep all your records up to date.

Connect Aircall and Intercom to streamline your sales and support teams workflows.

  • See Intercom information on incoming calls.
  • Automatically log call activity and call details as Conversations within Intercom.
  • Create new unassigned tickets for missed calls and voicemails.


The Intercom-Aircall integration allows you to consolidate your caller information into one place and streamline the way support teams talk with their customers.

Intercom call center software integration

Your call activity can be logged into Intercom in one click. Access essential call information and call recordings directly from Intercom.

Aircall will create new unassigned tickets for missed calls and voicemails so that you can keep track of every interaction. When an outgoing call is made or an incoming call is answered, the conversation will be assigned to you.